It's an artisan butcher shop, perhaps unlike any other.

Carvers opened just a few weeks ago in the Downtown Market and it's setting itself apart with some unique offerings.

"The product is a step above the rest," said Preston Schuller of Carvers. "You are just not going to find the product that we have anywhere else."

With a raw case showcasing all kinds of fresh and high end meats, you know a hot sandwich at Carvers is going to be a step above the rest. "I'm a big fan of sandwiches, they are easy, they tend to be really delicious," said one visitor. "I came over and I saw the hot chicken sandwich and I said that is for me."

"A lot of people know us for the $5 cheeseburger that we offer. Its a great price for a really really good meal. Then we do a BLT, we do a Reuben, a patty melt, so we are kind of going all over the place with the hot sandwiches," explained Preston.

And that's something that certainly sets them apart. They are a butcher shop that sells not only high end fresh meat, but also deli meats, sides and counter service meals.

"Last time I was here I had a cheeseburger and it was really good. Cheeseburger and fries $7? Can't beat that," said another visitor.

When it comes to the meat case, what else sets Carvers apart? "So the quality that we have is going to be quite a bit better. We have some specialty steaks as well. We have wagyu which is like an American Kobe beef. We have some dry aged options so just the kind of stuff you find in restaurants that you don't normally see in your grocery store," said Preston.

Carvers would also love to alleviate some of that holiday stress with ready-made sides. Just call ahead so they know how much to make. Carvers is open seven days a week, click here for more information.