Monroe North is an up-and-coming area of downtown Grand Rapids and it's now home to a brand new cafe. While the location is new, their name is not. Field and Fire's original location is at the Downtown Market. A major bread and croissant supplier for local restaurants, the owners are excited to be offering breakfast and lunch at their second place. It's this week's Taste of My Town.

Shelby Kibler loves the art of baking bread. And clearly...he's good at it. Field and Fire's artisan breads and croissants are featured by many well-known Grand Rapids restaurants. Now they're doing more than just baking.

"With this location we are able to enrich our opportunity to serve the community so we are now cooking, we've got MadCap coffee on. We've got a really expanded pastry line," said Kibler, owner and head baker.

"Our focus is mostly rustic food done with a high degree of care. We try to be meticulous in cooking an egg. You know anybody can cook an egg but to do it really well requires a focus and so in our kitchen we are trying to do that with everything," he explained.

"I had the breakfast biscuit. So buttery and tasty, it was amazing. And the coffee, on point," said one visitor.

"My wife and I feel strongly about sourcing and having organic whenever possible. Certainly local is super important to us. Pretty much 90 percent of what we're selling here will be an organic product," explained Kibler. "We're a place where you don't have to worry about where your ingredients come from," said his wife and co-owner Julie. "We are so thrilled that we decided to come to Grand Rapids and we are just happy to have the opportunity to further serve this community," she said.

"I'm just excited because their downtown location was a family favorite but this kind of allows more space and is maybe somewhere we would go on the weekends and have breakfast. And it's just so easy to get to," said another visitor.

"I think it's really important to be mindful of where you are sourcing your products from and how you are serving it and I feel like that shows in their food as well," said a diner.

You can order breakfast, lunch, and pastries at Field and Fire seven days a week until 3 p.m.