New breweries continue to pop up across West Michigan -- and so far, it seems the more the merrier.

In this week's Taste of My Town we head to Greyline Brewing Company. It's a new brewery on Alpine Avenue in Walker.

Greyline Brewing Company has only been open five months, but craft beer enthusiasts say their brews have been fantastic from the start. "I think with a lot of small breweries in town, the beer kind of takes a minute and since the first time i came here, beer, amazing," said one visitor.

That's probably because nobody here is new at this.

"In our crew we have probably over 45 years of brewing experience, so really there is great mind power behind the designs of the recipes and it's really fun to work as a committee to write these recipes and design unique flavors for each one," said head brewer David DeSchaine.

Visitors say that's something you can taste.

"Their IPAs, Mosacca, love it."

"The recipes come together quite easily, you think about what you want for a finished taste and then you work backwards with which malts and hops are going to help you achieve that so I really like to think of writing recipes in a retro-engineering type of fashion," said David.

With 15 beers on tap, there is something for everyone.

Greyline Brewing Co. , file photo.

"Our Mosacca IPA is probably our most popular, and then several others come right up, we do a German style hefewiezen which has gotten a lot of attention. Our shaky knees which is our coffee stout is also a huge crowd favorite."

Greyline also has a crowler. "It allows us to make cans out of anything we have on tap."

It's not just about the beer.

"The ambience is great, they have a great play list...I'm a big music buff."

"And thier sliders are awesome."

"Its a relatively small kitchen but we like to offer kind of a diverse thing, kind of a lot of small plates snack options and then kind of also the bigger plates of sandwiches and salads."

Just like what they have on tap -- what's on the menu will change with the season as well, giving you plenty of reasons to give Greyline a try.

This spring, Greyline plans to have some of their barrel aged experiments on tap, so stay tuned for that.

Greyline is located 1727 Alpine Ave NW. For more information, including hours and menu options, visit