What does love taste like? You just might get the answer at Marie Catrib's in East Hills.

Fouad Catrib, the son of Marie Catrib, is now the owner of his mother's restaurant since her passing four years ago. Fouad is carrying on the legacy his mom began so many years ago.

"She really wanted to to really take care of people with food and that is what I'm trying to do." said Fouad Catrib.

Marie Catrib moved to the United States from Lebanon in the '70s. She opened her first restaurant in the Upper Peninsula shortly after.

"When my mom first started a restaurant it was for her boys. She wanted to support us and she wanted also to take care of people," said Fouad Catrib.

Marie focused on full flavored dishes using clean and local ingredients. There's something for everyone on the menu.

The atmosphere is eclectic yet cozy, and there's often a wait. For those short on time, order from the delicatessen.

"Marie, when she opened this place, really had a vision for a place people could gather and laugh and share life and she did it," said a diner. "She is missed, but her restaurant lives on."

For more information about Marie Catrib's menu, head to the website.

Marie Catrib's has also announced new fall and winter hours starting in November.

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