They're a team that knows chemistry belongs in the lab, not in the food you eat.

Palazzolo's Artisan Gelato & Sorbetto have been creating sweet treats since 1985, and they don't have top-secret recipes. Pete Palazzolo, CEO of Palazzolo's, believes in keeping it simple.

"I'm following traditional cooking rules of using the same ingredients and I think that is why people love us," says Palazzolo. "If we want it to taste like bananas we add bananas."

That methodology has been enough to carry the gelato maker to hundreds of locations in restaurants and grocery stores, even countries outside of the United States. The biggest claim to fame is landing on the list of Oprah's favorite things.

So where can you find the gelato and sorbetto? Chances are there's a restaurant or grocery store in your town that carries the sweet treat.

The only retail store is located between Saugatuck and Douglas. Set up like a mini market, you can grab gelato or sorbetto and eat it right away, or store it in the freezer for later.

Palazzolo's currently has over one thousand flavors, and has many options for dietary restrictions.

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