There are plenty of people who believe in UFOs and aliens -- and many of them are voters. This year, they may have the perfect candidate for the White House -- Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times is reporting UFO buffs are hoping Clinton will be elected this year because she may be their best bet at getting secret files on alien encounters declassified by the federal government.

In fact, the Democratic front-runner has vowed she would release government files on the subject -- as long as it doesn't compromise national security.

She's also spoken openly about releasing information about "Area 51," the remote Nevada air base many believe is where the government keeps its secret information on aliens and their spacecraft.

Her campaign chairman is John Podesta, a former advisor to Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton, is a big fan of "The X-Files" and a crusader for disclosure of official information on aliens.

We talked to the guys from Free Beer and Hot Wings on the WZZM 13 Morning News about Hillary Clinton giving U.F.O. buffs hope she will open the X-Files.