It is apparent Rachel Lindsay does not play games. If it wasn't obvious the first time she kicked DeMario to the curb for lying, then the second time should seal the deal.

Episode three starts with DeMario returning to the mansion, begging for a second chance. Rachel tells him he had his chance to explain himself and the person she saw in the gym that day was a boy, she needs a man.

The rose ceremony proves again, Rachel does not have time for drama. Whaboom and Blake try taking each other down by telling Rachel their worries about the other.

This all blows up in their faces, as neither gets a rose and are sent packing.

But, the feud boils over before either leaves the mansion. As they're giving their exit interviews, the two square off outside. After a few minutes of taunting and teasing, both walk away. The beef between them may never be squashed.

The first group date is a treat for all women watching. The guys become guests on Ellen.

Ellen knows how to help Rachel out, by having all the guys take off their shirts and dance on the audience. It's the talk show taping we all wish we were a part of.

The group date didn't go well for Fred however. He asked Rachel permission to kiss her, which did not sit well with the Bachelorette. He planted one on her anyway. That was enough for Rachel to decide she would never see past his childhood reputation, and she sent him home.

The second group date brought back some familiar faces from The Bachelor. Alexis, Corinne, Jasmine and Raven return to get the scoop on some of the guys.

Again, the guys stripped down to do some good old fashioned mud wrestling. In a surprise twist, it is Brady who comes out victorious, not Kenny, the professional wrestler.

The one on one date seemed a little out of left field. Rachel met Anthony on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The pair rode horses down the street and into a few shops. After both were outfitted with cowboy boots and hats, they enjoyed a nice dinner overlooking the L.A. skyline.

The drama isn't over with this group. Eric is feeling some insecurities over his relationship with Rachel. He snaps at Iggy and later at Lee and Bryce. Rachel confronts him, which makes things worse. Eric calls the group into the same room and starts chewing them out for talking about him.

We are slapped with a "to be continued..." where it sounds like the problem will only escalate between Eric and Lee.

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