Catherine Behrendt shares some of her favorite campfire recipes during the special summer camping edition of My West Michigan.

The crew took the show to Crockery Creek RV Park in Muskegon County.

Camping Onions

Large Vidalia Onions

Beef Bouillon Cubes


Provolone Cheese


Carve the insides out of an large onion to form a “bowl.” Put two beef bouillon cubes in the bowl. Add a bunch of butter. Chop up the guts you pulled out of the onion. Wrap all of that up in heavy duty foil and create almost a Hershey’s kiss shape so you have something to grab with your tongs when it is hot. Put that pouch in the fire – or on the grill. Do not put it directly on the flames. Just set it to the side of your logs. Let it cook slowly for at least a half an hour but the longer you cook it, the better it gets. Be careful not to puncture your foil pouch because, as the butter melts and the onion cooks, you acre creating a wonderful broth. Carefully remove from the heat, open the foil, put some croutons in the broth and cover with 1-2 slices of provolone cheese. Close the foil back up and give it 5-10 minutes for the cheese to melt. You may eat it right out of the foil or transfer to a bowl. Be sure to pour all of the juices into the bowl! You can even add some beef broth if you move it to a bowl. We have even done this on a cookie sheet in the oven. I wish I could give proper credit to the WZZM viewer who taught me this recipe many years ago. I have used it countless times since … but I’ve long forgotten his name.

Bear on a Log

Roll of Crescent Rolls



Open up the crescent rolls and pat out each triangle as you fill it. You need the dough to be pretty thin so it bakes over the fire. We did not do this during our camping show so parts of this treat were kind of doughy. Put a table spoon of Nutella and a marshmallow inside and close the dough triangle around it. Poke a skewer or marshmallow roasting stick through it and roast it over the first until the crescent roll is golden brown. These are gooey and good but you may have to experiment a bit to get them to turn out just right. It’s an art form, people!!

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