GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)- Cherie Inn, the oldest restaurant in GR is looking to keep innovating itself for the coming century. That's why owner Michael Kulczyk decided to create a new vegan menu.

Part of why the adoption of this menu matters to Cherie Inn is in regards the inclusive nature that allows vegans, meat eaters, gluten-free folks and old fashioned breakfast lovers to the same table. At least in Grand Rapids, we have been hearing that vegans struggle to get groups of friends and family members to eat at exclusively vegan restaurants. At Cherie Inn, everyone is welcome to eat at the same table.

Also, I have more history on the restaurant, if you are interested. The owner Michael Kulczyk is celebrating 20 years of ownership this winter and he plans to invest more and more into the surrounding community - one that used to be boarded up businesses and overgrown grass. He plans to lead a healthy community initiative and work to support his residential and business neighbors.