Pumpkins and Ghouls and Spiders, Oh My

The kids are picking out their costumes, moms and dads are buying pumpkins and leaves to decorate, and everyone is deciding on what treats to create and give out. I have always made my sons Halloween costumes, whether it was because we couldn’t afford the store bought ones, or because he always wanted to be a character that you could never find at a local store. I do miss creating them now that he is an adult, but I am so happy that I get to help other create wonderful costumes for their kids. You don’t have to break the bank to create a fun and easy costume, and these costumes can be for kids or adults, and you can create them for under $15. And don’t forget to create a fun treat bag with the leftover supplies that will match the costumes, you can use it as a purse or the kiddos can use it to take with them and collect all of the yummy Jelly Belly’s.

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids, Adults and Pets

Wonder Woman/Super Girl Costume

Blue Tulle (5 Yards for a kids costume and 10 yards for an adult costume)

Red T-shirt

Yellow Felt – Stiff

Yellow Felt – flexible

White Felt

Red Felt - flexible

Yellow Ribbon 1” or 2”

Hot Glue Gun


Bubble Gum Costume

Red Tulle (5 Yards for a kids costume and 10 yards for an adult costume)

White T-shirt

Thin Ribbon

Multi Colored Pom Poms

Hot Glue Gun

Head Band

White Felt

Americana Paint Marker


Rubber Ducky Costume

Turquoise Blue Tulle (5 Yards for a kids costume and 10 yards for an adult costume)

Turquoise Blue T-Shirt

White Pom Poms

Hot Glue Gun

Small Rubber Duckies

White Pom Poms

Yellow Ribbon 1” or 2”


To make the tulle skirts on all of these costumes, keep the tulle folded in half from the fabric store and cut it into 1 1/2” strips. For the kid’s size skirts, cut the tulle in half at the fold line and for the adult skirt, leave it folded in half. Cut a long enough piece of ribbon to go around the waist 2 times. Start the skirt by taking the tulle strips one at a time and underlap and overlap into a knot, (see Picture).

For the Wonder Woman/Super Girl T-shirt, cut a W out of the flexible yellow felt, like the picture, and hot glue it to the front of the red t-shirt. To create the Tierra, cut a crown, like the picture, out of the stiff yellow felt. Cut a star out of the red felt and glue it to the front of the crown. Cut a strip of yellow ribbon long enough to go around the waist and then cut 2 stars out of the red felt, glue the stars to the tips of the yellow ribbon. Then cut white stars about 1 – 2 inches big and hot glue them to the tulle.

For the Bubble Gum Costume, hot glue the multi colored pom poms to the white T-shirt in a circle, big enough to cover the front of the shirt, be sure to leave room to tuck the shirt in the skirt. For the head band, glue pom poms to the head band and let dry. Cut out a piece of white felt and paint 25 cents on the white square of felt and hot glue it to the tulle skirt.

For the Rubber Ducky Costume, hot glue white pom poms and rubber duckies all over the tulle skirt. You can also tie a piece of yellow ribbon around the waist or use it as a headband.

DIY Treat Bags

Felt in all colors

Hot Glue


Patterns from website

Ribbon in all colors

Super Hero Jelly Belly’s

Fold the felt square in half and hot glue all sides but the top, decorate the front of the bag with pumpkins and ghosts and candy corns cut from other felt colors. Hot glue the decorations to the felt bag. Then hot glue the ribbon to the inside of each end of the felt bag. Let it dry completely and add some yummy candies like the Super Hero Jelly Belly’s.

This is a great solution for a Halloween decoration and a great way to pass out those yummy Halloween treats.

DIY Halloween Door Hanger

11x14 Wood Frame (with a wood or thick card board backing)

Styrofoam Pumpkin Half (sold in most craft stores)

Chalkboard Paint

Americana Orange, Black and White Acrylic Paint

Sponge Brushes

Hot Glue Gun

E6000 Glue

String or Framing Bracket

Xacto Knife


Paint the wooden picture frame with white paint and add black or orange or both colors in streaks or sponge it on lightly. Let dry completely. Paint the backing inside the picture frame with 3-4 coats of chalkboard paint; be sure to let it dry at least 20 minutes between coats. Now it’s time to get creative, you can either carve out your half pumpkin and leave it like that, be sure to carve a large mouth so you can fill it with candy, or you can paint the half pumpkin to look like a ghost or a monster, whatever you would like to do. Again, be sure to carve out a large mouth for the candy. Let the pumpkin dry and hot glue it to the chalk board backing and place it in the frame (You may want to use E6000 as well as hot glue for a better hold). Fill the mouth with candy and write a little saying on the chalkboard.

Why not enjoy yummy Jelly Belly candy corns all month long with this easy to create clay pot candy machine. You can decorate your home with it, or even give it as a gift.

DIY Halloween Candy Machine

4” Clay Pot

4” Clay Saucer

4” Ivy Bowl/Fish Bowl

Sponge Brushes

E-6000 Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Wooden knob

Halloween Ribbon

Americana Acrylic Paint – Black, Orange and White

Jelly Belly Candy Corns

For the candy jar, I decided to paint it all black with orange poke–a-dots, but you can paint it whatever color you like, you could do white with black bats or orange pumpkins, or even black with white ghosts, get creative. Paint the clay pot and the saucer with one coat of the acrylic paint, you may need 2 coats, but be sure to let the paint dry about 20 minutes between coats. Then paint your design onto the clay pot. Next squeeze a layer of E-6000 around the bottom of the ivy bowl and then place a thin layer of hot glue around the bottom of the clay pot, place the ivy bowl on top of the hot glue and press it down. The hot glue will dry quickly and the E-6000 will take about 24 hours to completely dry.

For the lid, paint the wooden knob whatever color you would like and hot glue it to the bottom of the clay saucer, this is your candy jar lid. Tie or glue a piece of Halloween ribbon around the candy jar where the bowl meets the clay pot. Fill the ivy bowl with Jelly Belly Candy Corns and enjoy.

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