If your New Year's resolution was to exercise more but you're having trouble getting to the gym, think about using your existing space at home instead!

Interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios will explain how to carve out a beautiful, functional space for you to sweat.

1. Do a space audit

Set yourself up to succeed with your exercise routine by selecting a space in your home where you're most likely to exercise. "Out of sight, out of mind" is true of workout equipment when it's forced into the basement or a bedroom that's never used. Instead, complete a space audit to determine where the most useful square footage is for your particular exercise routine. Sometimes, the best space is in the living room or wherever you are most often.

2. Remember the basics

There are four key elements for a useful, usable, and safe home gym:

Flooring: Yoga mats can be used on any surface and provide stability to exercise bikes and beneath weight benches. If your space has an unfinished floor, consider using 1' square foam locking pads to create an area large enough to work out.

Lighting: It's no fun to drop a weight on your foot because you can't see what you're doing. Make sure the general and task lighting in your workout space are sufficient for your type of exercise, and consider using LED bulbs for the most flattering and energy-efficient light.

Ventilation: Sweating is icky, but it's even ickier when the air around you is stagnant. A standing fan or ceiling fan will help move air and make your workout more comfortable.

Acoustics: "Can you hear me now?" If you're using more than your headphones to work out, think about a bluetooth speaker or an Amazon echo dot for your space. Exercise equipment like bikes and treadmills can be incredibly noisy, so music needs to be cranked for the user.

3. Don't forget aesthetics

There's no reason that your functional workout space shouldn't be an attractive one. Motivation for using the space can be channeled into the decor, so think about using inspirational posters, a mirror, an energizing paint color or attractive storage for the towels, weights and other equipment.

More information can be found at www.designisademocracy.com