Ciana’s unique name isn’t the only thing special about her.

A worker describes Ciana as having “a beautiful smile with eyes that sparkle.” Ciana loves to sing and reports that her favorite subject in school is choir. Her future ambitions include rescuing animals and becoming a doctor.

This social, fun-loving and very sweet 16 year old plays volleyball and basketball and is very active in school. She also likes doing crafts. She enjoys playing video games, and her favorite toy is her Nintendo DS.

Ciana includes going shopping, completing puzzles, riding her bike and having sleepovers with friends on her list of favorites. One day, Ciana hopes to travel to Hollywood to see celebrities such as singer and actress Selena Gomez. Most of all, Ciana wants a forever family who’s active and will take her to places “like Frankenmuth.”

In the past year, Ciana has made great improvement in managing her emotions and behaviors. She works hard on coping skills. When Ciana struggles, sharing her worries with others helps her work through her feelings. Ciana says that having a family represents her strongest desire.

Ciana would do best with a forever family consisting of two parents or a strong female parent. Her parents must be able to give Ciana individual attention; therefore, she would do best as the only child but would do well with other children as long as Ciana gets the attention she needs to thrive.

Her family will need to set proper boundaries and provide close supervision. Ciana does her best with structure and routine along with guidance from calm and consistent parents. Her family also must be willing to strongly advocate for the services to help Ciana function at her best at home and in school.

Since Ciana has a strong bond with her siblings, her family must be willing to let her maintain those relationships.

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