One of his workers sums up Christopher the best by saying that he’s “a keeper.” This active boy has taken a liking to sports of all kinds. “I was on the football and basketball team,” Christopher says. He’s now on the track squad, and if Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan and others can play two pro sports, Christopher wants to know, “why not me?” He takes pride in his basketball and football accomplishments and dreams of playing both sports professionally one day, which isn’t as farfetched as one might think. After all, Christopher describes himself as an athletic kid who lives to play all sports. When he’s not shooting hoops or catching footballs, Christopher enjoys playing video games on the Xbox. He also likes rapping and playing with his friends. In addition to his basketball and football skills, Christopher is excellent at gymnastics, and he’s interested in learning karate and tae kwon do. This creative kid has shown an interest in fashion, and his worker says Christopher has an eye for it. “He is particular about his clothes and personal appearance,” she says. When Christopher receives small gifts such as candy, he shows deep gratitude, his worker says. He’d especially be grateful for a forever family to come forward. He wants families to know that he’s “not too old to be adopted,” that he’s a good kid and that he’s ready to become part of a forever family. In short, he really is “a keeper.”

Although Christopher is quiet and distant at first, he can be engaging and talkative with adults when he gets comfortable. Christopher does require close supervision. He has difficulty with behaviors and emotions at times but has shown improvement. Christopher also struggles in school and can use help from someone who’s willing to step forward and help motivate him to succeed academically. His worker says he just needs a nudge.

Christopher wants a mom and dad, but he would do well with a single male or single female parent. His new parent or parents should be able to give Christopher the attention that he thrives on. His new forever family must be fully committed to Christopher even when he’s challenging. They must be willing to help him work through his feelings about the loss that he’s experienced. His family also must advocate for the services that will help Christopher thrive at home and in school. In addition, they should be willing to share Christopher’s enthusiasm for sports. Lastly, his family must be willing to let Christopher maintain his relationship with his siblings.

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