Isaiah is a cool outdoorsy kid with an amazing imagination.

He enjoys playing sports outdoors, such as basketball and soccer, something he says he is most proud of along with “me being me.” Isaiah enjoys using his imagination while playing with Legos. “He will spend tons of time building with Legos and has recently gained an interest in the game ‘Magic: The Gathering,’” says Isaiah’s worker. When he’s ready to get active, Isaiah says he enjoys riding his bike and walking in the woods. “I like to discover new things,” says Isaiah.

Isaiah also participates in horseback riding and Boy Scouts. On his list of favorite things, Isaiah includes Takis and tacos for food, black and “any shade of pink” for color and white tiger, snow leopard, cobras, lions, hyenas, cheetahs and most African species as favorite animals. If Isaiah could visit one place in the world, he says it would be Mexico. ”I want to go there to study the language and culture,” he says.

When he gets older, Isaiah wants to become a Marine or a forest ranger. If he had three wishes, Isaiah would want five. They would go “to having my own video games, 1,000 gold pieces, having a pet tiger, having a family and having brothers,” Isaiah says. When he’s asked about the qualities he wants in a future forever family, Isaiah says he simply wants one who’ll do fun things with him such as shopping, going to the zoo and beach and playing video games.

Isaiah loves to be nurtured and is able to build healthy relationships with people he trusts and is comfortable with, although he struggles with expressing his emotions. He wants people to know that he has struggled with handling his anger but he is learning to use skills to regulate his emotions and behaviors. He enjoys one on one attention from adults, while sometimes struggling to relate with his peers.

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