Jonathan is a go-getter who loves variety in the activities he enjoys. “Jonathan is constantly on the move,” his worker says. “He enjoys being active and would do best in a high-energy family.” Jonathan likes all sports especially football and basketball, and he loves spending time outdoors. “He also likes to build things with Legos,” says his worker. “I build houses, and I build dinosaurs and race cars,” he says. Jonathan has an adventurous side to him, and despite the mosquitos, snakes, black bears and inclement weather, he enjoys camping. Although he comes across as a bit shy at first, Jonathan “really opens up once you get to know him,” says his worker. In fact, she calls him an outgoing young man. Jonathan also is very inquisitive.

Jonathan has a history of behaviors that can be challenging for caregivers. He requires constant supervision and redirection to follow directions and maintain safe and appropriate behaviors. Jonathan does best when he has a routine and structure. Jonathan is also motivated by incentives and typically responds well when praised for making positive choices in his behavior. When completing tasks, Jonathan does best with breaks as well as reminders when it's time for him to resume his duties. His worker says he has made significant improvements and adds that Jonathan really wants to become part of a family again.

Jonathan would do best with two experienced parents so he gets the supervision and attention he requires. His new parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child's behavior and development. They must be fierce advocates for the services that will help Jonathan thrive at home and in school. Finally, his worker suggests that Jonathan's new parents have a strong support system.

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