Nicholas, who goes by Nick, is a sensitive, active, helpful and affectionate young boy.

He is fun-loving and enjoys playing games and sports. He enjoys singing and playing video games, soccer and basketball. He loves playing in the gym. Nick enjoys the outdoors, too, and likes hunting and fishing. “Nick prefers hands-on activities,” his worker says.

This 17 year old is especially proud of his Native American heritage, and he says that one of his favorite things to do is to attend drumming classes.

When he’s interacting with peers, Nick can be very encouraging, caring and empathic. Nick describes himself as “funny, talkative, easy-going, sporty, nice and someone who likes to joke around.” His worker adds that Nick “is not a morning person and getting ready for school in the mornings is a challenge.” But getting him to eat beforehand isn’t since Nick’s favorite meals consist of breakfast foods.

With his future forever family, Nick wants to share the activities that he enjoys, especially traveling.

Nick continues to learn how to develop positive peer relationships. Nick has shown some improvements in this area; however, he still needs to be more consistent. He does better one-on-one with adults versus being in a large group setting. He can let his frustrations get to him quickly, but he is just as quick in realizing he should express his feelings in more effective ways.

Nick can be very sensitive to criticism or perceived criticism and would benefit from patience in this area.

Nick would do best with two experienced parents who can provide the attention and supervision that would benefit him. If there are other children, it would help if Nick was the oldest. His future forever family must be willing to let Nick maintain his Native American culture. Nick also would benefit from having a male role model in the home.

Nick has stated a preference for a family who lives near the country or on a farm, and since he loves animals, he wants a family who has pets. His family must be strong supporters of the services that will benefit Nick at home and in school. The family also must let Nick maintain his relationship with his brother.

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