Here’s at least one sure way to get Rachel to smile: Take her to McDonald’s. She loves their chicken sandwiches.

This 13 year old can return the joy, too. She is affectionate, likes hugs, enjoys socializing with others and is very personable.

“Rachel is very charming and has a big heart for others,” her worker says. She loves to play with other kids. When she’s alone, Rachel uses her strong imagination and enjoys playing with her stuffed animals. She also has a creative side and loves doing arts and crafts with her friends.

Her favorite subject is art. One of her favorite activities is coloring in adult coloring books. Her favorite colors are pink and blue. Rachel also enjoys reading and loves the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series. Rachel’s other interests include playing board games, participating in Girl Scouts, riding her bike, listening to music and going swimming.

When she gets older, Rachel wants to become a veterinarian. She’ll likely get plenty of clients since she’s very social and enjoys helping others. It doesn’t hurt that her favorite animals are cats and dogs.

Generally, Rachel’s behavior is very good, but she requires careful supervision. Sometimes she needs reminders about boundaries. At school, Rachel struggles when interacting with peers. “Rachel can also become upset in school and shut down, but she is making progress in this area,” her worker says.

Because she requires a good deal of supervision, Rachel would do best with two parents. She also would do well with a single-female parent who has a strong support network. In addition, Rachel needs to be the youngest or only child in her future forever family. The family would benefit from knowledge of or experience with the impact of trauma on a child’s development and behavior. Additionally, they would need to make sure Rachel receives the services that will help her now and into adulthood.

Rachel needs a family with experienced parents who are patient and able to devote the time to help her thrive.

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