Renae is a leader and follower. She’s a leader because she enjoys her role as a member of the Girl Scouts.

When she gets older, she wants to become either a veterinarian or a teacher. She puts her academic skills on display by earning “A’s” and “B’s” in school and by excelling in math, which she’s most proud of.

Renae also is a follower who likes interacting with her Big Sister mentor. She attends church regularly, which is very important to her. Perhaps most importantly, Renae has a case of the Beiber fever, as in Justin, whom she swoons about. In fact, Renae loves all kinds of music and enjoys going to concerts. Renae even has fans of her own who like her bubbly personality and quick smile.

“She loves to laugh,” her worker says. Renae’s favorite activities include reading and going outside. If she could visit anywhere in the world, she’d like to travel to Spain, or perhaps an indoor trampoline and amusement park with her future forever family.

Since she’s very active in church, she hopes for a family who shares the same interest.

Renae generally gets along well with peers except when others act mean to her. She has displayed some behaviors related to her past trauma that can be difficult for her caregivers to understand and manage. Renae will need to continue receiving services to help her process her past trauma. At school, Renae does well and particularly enjoys math and reading.

Renae is open to having a single-female parent or two female parents. She would do best as the youngest child in a home with no older male children. Her parent or parents should have knowledge of or experience with the impact that trauma has on a child’s behavior and development.

Since Renae is struggling with her adoption plan, her future forever family will need to be patient as she develops trust and transitions into her new home. Most importantly, her family must be fierce advocates for the services that will help Renae thrive at home, in school and in the community.

Finally, Renae has expressed a preference for a family who enjoys being active in church just like she does.