Zhaquaries, who goes by Zack, is a very respectful young man. He enjoys trying new things and likes to have fun.

Zack enjoys math and science and takes pride in his school performance. He enjoys being active and likes playing football and basketball. His favorite sports teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the Chicago Bulls. He also loves going to the YMCA, swimming and spending time outside. This 15 year old also enjoys playing video games and spending time on the computer.

When he grows up, Zack would like to be a professional football player or a doctor.

Zack has a strong attachment to his sisters and loves spending time talking and doing things with them. He really wants a forever family who will play sports, take him to sporting events and play video games together.

According to his worker, Zack wants a family who’s “laid back, fun, and ‘cool.”

Zack is learning how to think about the consequences for his actions. He has done a good job in his current foster placement and is working hard to improve his ability to manage his emotions. Zack has overcome a tumultuous past and can keep his feelings to himself. He would benefit from patience and guidance on addressing his emotions on a more consistent basis.

At school, Zack has been successful when he has had the proper encouragement and support at home, with an importance placed on doing the best he can. Zack says that he wants a family who can help him reach his academic goals. Zack benefits from a home environment that is supervised, structured and consistent. He thrives when he is given positive, individualized attention.

Zack prefers a mother and father and would do well with one or two parents who can spend time with him and give him the attention that helps him thrive. He also would do well with a strong single parent who can give Zack the time he needs. Zack would do best in a family with children around his age or older.

Zack’s adoptive family should be understanding that he has overcome a difficult past and be willing to work with him to address his emotions through positive outlets. His new parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child’s behavior and development. The family must be able to provide Zack with a loving, accepting, nurturing, consistent and structured home with clear expectations. The family must be active advocates for Zack at home and at school to ensure all of his needs are being met and he is given all the tools necessary to succeed.

Since Zack has strong ties to his siblings, the family must be willing to let him maintain those relationships.

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