Chocolates by Grimaldi, a Grand Haven-based chocolate factory, is offering four different holiday gift ensembles this holiday season that are bound to delight any chocolate fan.

Shoppers can choose from their Deluxe, Premium, Gourmet and Ultimate Gift Packages.

The holiday assortments feature ingredients like buttery caramels and malt balls, as well as their chocolate covered potato chips, and pretzels. Chocolate covered almonds, toasted coconut, solid foils and Christmas-themed lollipops are also included in select collections.

Customized gifts are also available and may include any of their delicious confections. Better yet, the special selected blend of chocolate they use has no artificial ingredients, minimal waxes, no preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup, which means you can taste all the wonderful chocolate flavors in their products, without any fillers.

Customers can stock up on these sweet holiday gift packages for as little as $24.95 for the Deluxe Gift Package and $99.95 for the Ultimate Gift Package.

Visitors can purchase any of the sets or other confections in their store or online by clicking here or by calling 616-935-7740.

Chocolates by Grimaldi can ship customer's gifts directly to their family, friends, clients, or business associates nationwide.

Chocolates by Grimaldi has an exhibition production area where you can see them making many of their delicious treats. They even offer a Chocolate Experience Tour, which is a fun, delicious, and enjoyable experience, you will have the opportunity to learn about the chocolate making process from pod to bean to delicious chocolate, including where and how it is grown, who discovered the Cocoa bean, how it made its way to Europe and the rest of the world and how the chocolate we love and enjoy is made.

From Nov. 21 through Jan. 8, tours will not be conducted, however a tour gift certificate makes for a great stocking stuffer!

They ask that you please call 616-935-7740 in advance to schedule a tour Monday through Friday. The tours cost $4 per person and includes samples.

Courtesy: Chocolates by Grimaldi