Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park Horticulturist Mandi Stade shows off the art of Japanese floral arrangements called Ikebana and Kadomatsu for the upcoming holiday season. Stade shares the following:

• Means "Gate Pine"
• Shogatsu=Japanese New Year celebration/time of renewal. Shogatsu signifies seasonal changes, begins new cycle, and expresses importance of ancestry
• Traditional Japanese New Year decoration
• Placed in pairs in front of/at entrances of homes and businesses to welcome ancestral spirits
• The pair of Kadomatsu represent male and female
• Having Kadomatsu is a way to welcome ancestral spirits, as well as to invite divinities to bring prosperity
• 2 main components:
o Pine=vitality, longevity
o Bamboo=strength, growth
• The Bamboo sliced diagonally at three different heights represents heaven, humanity, and earth. The straw and rope bind the main elements of pine and bamboo together
• Designs vary upon rural and urban regions

New Year Ikebana Arrangement
o Most commonly used materials for an arrangement celebrating the New Year are:
 Pine
 Bamboo
 Japanese Plum
o Arranging one of them with the other flowers is the simplest and most effective way
o Pine, Bamboo, and/or Japanese Plum can be put together with the Orchid, Rose,

Chrysanthemum, Camellia, Lily, Narcissus, Freesia, or red berries:
 These plants play an important role during New Year to enrich our festive mood
o When using Pine, make sure the needles face upward or forward to express dynamism
o Among the main flowers, add ones which can harmonize with the arranged pine. Roses can match unexpectedly well with Pine
• Arrangement should be finished to fit the space where it is to be placed and to present lightness and joy with bright colors
• To be safe, don't make it too unconventional
• Placing just one Ikebana can totally change the environment that you are familiar with

Christmas Ikebana Arrangement:
• Red, Green, and White are the basic Christmas colors. You may use whatever materials that you'd like, as long as these three colors are found in the arrangements
• Japanese Fir or Holly are commonly used as the main material. China root, fire thorn, or other red berries are combined, and white flowers are also added. Poinsettia with red and green leaves can be the main material instead. The arrangement can be decorated with Christmas ornaments or candles to enhance the festive atmosphere.

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