Professional interior designer Leslie Hart-Davidson from HDD Studios just released her second book titled It's Not Your Room, it's You just in time for the holidays. This sassy, realistic home improvement therapy guide helps answer the question "What's holding you back from making updates and changes to your home?"

Leslie has spent more than a decade being a cheerleader for clients who recognize a home improvement need, yet fail to take action because they're Putter-Offers. She identifies the five common types of Putter-Offers and provides solid advice for these stallers to move forward and live better in their home.

A key component to It's Not Your Room, it's You is the handy informative section called CRAP and TALC. These acronyms are part of a design language that help homeowners diagnose and treat their uninspired spaces. CRAP is a blend of Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. The balance of these elements make any space look great. TALC stands for Texture, Acoustics, Lighting, Convection and takes the space one step further to ensure that it not only looks amazing, but feels great too.

Once readers recognize any Putter-Offer tendencies and understand the language of CRAP and TALC, they're ready to follow the book's "choose your own adventure" format. The third section of It's Not Your Room, it's You concentrates on life's transitional moments and how to deal with them from a housing standpoint. Whether planned or unexpected, joyous or devastating, life events can have a significant impact on how we relate to our homes. Each "transition" has its own chapter, so readers can easily skip to the section that most pertains to them. Whether you're cohabiting for the first time, just adopted a furbaby or experienced a death in the family, It's Not Your Room, it's You has a fantastic list of recommended steps to help you modify your home so you can live better in it.

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