Local YouTube Influencer Nichole Jacklyne shows us the YouTube craze of making DIY Slime.

Here are the DIY Butter Slime ingredients:

- 2 teaspoons of borax dissolved in hot water & slowly added in to the glue

- 2 cups of white glue

- Once it is all mixed together, add in Model Magic clay and start kneading.

- For a more "butter" looking slime, add in yellow food dye

- This slime will feel and look like butter!

Check out Nichole Jacklyne's YouTube channel for more DIY slime and other videos at https://m.youtube.com/user/heyitsnichole14

Her DIY slime video can be found at: https://youtu.be/o2bHmuf5t5Y

You can also find Nichole at:

Instagram: @nicholejacklyne

Twitter: @nicholejacklyne

Nichole Jacklyne a 20-year-old Senior at Grand Valley State University and is a YouTube influencer. She does DIY, life hacks, and some comedy videos on her YouTube channel that she started in 2013 as a fashion channel. She decided to change things up and expanded the content. In April 2016, one of her life hacks videos went viral and her channel started to grow from there. Now she's just 2,000 subscribers from reaching 500,000 on YouTube.