The Judson Heath Colonial Inn is the newest (oldest) bed and breakfast to open in Saugatuck. As they say on their website, established in 1837 and reborn in 2017.
Stephen Boyd & Jennifer Davenport are the owners of the newly opened Inn. They spent several months restoring the Inn to its original glory, but added new modern ammenities to make for an exquisite, unique getaway.
Stephen and Jenn both have a background in culinary fare; Jenn owned a restaurant, and Stephen's mother ran a catering business. Their breakfast menu for guests include a 3 course assortment of baked goods, sweet and savory dishes, and fresh fruit.
The Inn's unique history is fascinating. A brief history on their website explains, "The Judson Heath Colonial Inn was originally built by Elnathan Judson in Gull Prairie Michigan in 1837 along with the now attached coachhouse which was originally a separate tavern. Judson operated a stagecoach stop, referred to then as a Public House, which was serviced by The Good Intent Line coach service. In 1854 Judson moved his family, his business operations and the two structures to 607 Butler Street, Newark Michigan (now Saugatuck). The Inn served as a personal residence for Judson, a mill owner, lumber dealer and land speculator, as well as a boarding house for his mill workers."
Stephen's carpentry background came in handy in not only the restoration, but in some of the added touches. He took original wood planks from the attic to create a beautiful table that must seat 20 people! Wood from the home is also used as an accent wall and bed posts. And as Jenn says, this is not your grandmother's attic, it's hip and cool and modern, while maintaining it's original charm and character.
For more information or to make a reservation, head to their website at There are beautiful pictures of the rooms and accomodations.