Spring is in the air, and with the warmer weather most of us want to spend our time outside.

Sous Chef Bryan Nader from Mercy Health shares some of his favorite kitchen hacks to help reduce your time in the kitchen.

  • Paper towel over lettuce, cover with plastic to keep lettuce fresh longer
  • Make yogurt popsicles by placing a plastic spoon into the top of the yogurt container and freezing
  • Trim stems of basil put in water, cover with plastic wrap and store on the counter for up to 4 days
  • Break cloves of garlic, shake in container, to remove peel
  • Microwave citrus fruits for 10-30 seconds to get the maximum amount of juice
  • Freeze fruit to chill beverages without ice
  • Grate butter to help soften faster
  • Store tomatoes stem end down to keep them fresher longer
  • Wrap end of banana with plastic wrap to keep bananas fresher longer
  • To prevent plastic wrap from tangling up, store it in the refrigerator
  • To make buttermilk, add 1 Tbsp. of vinegar to 1 cup of milk
  • Place a piece of wax paper over ice cream before freezing to prevent freezer burn
  • Keep shelled nuts in freezer to help extend life
  • Place a damp towel under cutting board to prevent slipping
  • Using baking soda to clean fruits and vegetables

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