Thanksgiving can spark fear for the ambitious at home cook, but with a few tips and tricks you can take the stress of out holiday cooking. On the plate today Sous Chef Bryan Nader from Mercy Health Saint Mary's shares some time saving tips for your Thanksgiving menu.


1.       Create a menu and know your guests

2.       Check to make sure you have the gear needed

3.       Create shopping list

4.       Figure out the size of the turkey you'll need (factor in thawing time)

5.       Premake pies and freeze two weeks before event

6.       Create prep list to make cooking simple

7.       Stuffing can be prepared the day before, and cooked off the day of

8.       Store cup up vegetables in resealable bags for easy storage

9.       Make mashed potatoes early in the day and use your slow cooker to keep them warm.

10.    Plan dishes that can be made ahead and cooked day of

11.    For a flakey pie crust substitute 50% of the water for vodka

12.    Free up refrigerator space

13.    If your gravy is lumpy, put it in a blender

14.    Use your slow cooker to help free up oven space

15.    For fluffy mashed potatoes, add a pinch of baking soda

16.    Microwave garlic for 10 seconds to make peeling easier

17.    Use your local salad bar to help with food prep

18.    Use a thermos as a gravy holder to keep it warm

19.    Use a cooler as an extra refrigerator

20.    Print recipes out and tape them to the cabinet for quick reference