Ms. Remi Spicer tells us, "People often ask me as a therapist working with couples for over 20 years, why do people divorce? There are many things that could contribute to the dismantle of closeness, warmth and the hope for a future, but these three are known predictors of dissatisfaction and divorce:"

1.) Reacting, instead of Responding.

2.). Men's inability to handle negative feedback.

3.). Inability to negotiate a sex life.

If any of these problems are chronically present in your marriage, seek the help of a trained expert and get educated on how to do break these relationship wrecking behaviors and do things different. Here are some books you can read:

1.). Why Marriages Succeed or Fail by Gottman

2.). Fighting for Your Marriage by Blumberg, Stanley, and Markman

3.). Divorce Busting, by Weiner-Davis

4.). How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It by Love & Stosny

Courtesy: Remi Spicer, LMSW of