Puppy showers are becoming more common as people delay or decide not to have children -- or even young people get a puppy before having children.

It's just like a baby shower. The puppy's "parent" throws a party or someone throws it on their behalf. People bring gifts and sometimes other dogs come to the party as well to welcome the new addition to the family!

Some things one would bring as a gift to a puppy shower include:

Toys! We recommend variety when getting puppy's first toy. Choose rubber and plush and toys that make different sounds. Don't forget the staple of every puppy's toy box - a ball! With a cross section of toys, one can easily see what the puppy likes best and get more of that type of toy.

Treats! Be sure to offer natural treats to the new puppy.No high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives and offer in moderation. Too many treats can make a puppy's tummy upset. Choose soft and chewy as well and size appropriate crunchy treats!

Training! Anything you want your adult dog to be comfortable with, you should get your puppy used to as soon as possible. Collars, harnesses, using a leash - these are all things new puppies need to get used to. A good puppy training book is a great help too! Maybe a gift certificate to a local puppy training class!

Must Love Dogs offers Puppy Shower Registration - just like at your favorite baby shop! The new puppy parent can come in and register for the gifts that they would like for their new pup and their guests can choose from the list!

For more information, please visit mustlovedogsonline.com.