1.     What is a Labyrinth? 

Not a maze.  A labyrinth is a continuous design and you cannot get lost or go the wrong way in it.  A circular path that leads us inward toward the center and then back out again.  Found in Africa, Ireland, Britain, Greece, France/other European countries and Native American cultures.  We see them in paintings, jewelry, churches, on baskets, and cave walls.  Now in parks, meditation centers, spiritual places including Catholic such as the Dominican center and Cancer Center with St. Mary's Hospital.  One can make one at home or temporary. 

2.     How are they Helpful?   How Does One Walk the Labyrinth?

Helpful for those who have a hard time calming and focusing inward or listening to a quiet voice.  Because focused on the path and walking and surroundings you drop into the experience, and gain clarity or help and lose yourself in the process.  Letting go is key. 

A.    Release your thoughts.  May ask a question or a few.  Or repeat a mantra or saying or prayer/verse . 

B. Open yourself to receiving. Listening to your true self, spirit, or God or nature. 

C. On way Out make the fresh insight your own. 

3.     Where in SW Michigan can I find a Labyrinth? 


The Hermitage and Farm next to it large one, On top of St. Mary's Cancer Center downtown GR, Dominican Center on Fulton, Trinity United Methodist and  Orchard Hill Church in Grand Rapids, St. Paul Lutheran in Greenville, Portable Labyrinth in Middleville, Holy Trinity Episcopal in Wyoming, MI.

Want to check out the Lavender Labyrinth outside of Hart in Shelby at Cherry Point Farm amid lavender, rocks and wildflower.  Free. 

Natural Awakenings, October 2016

Courtesy: Dr. Matthew Clark, The Clark Institute