Dr. Matthew Clark from The Clark Institute shares tips for ways to have a spooktacular Halloween for you and your children.

1.  Costumes guidelines for children 

Reflective tape or glow sticks


Masks can cause problems  

Flame retardant  

Don't cover eyes or mouth

Name and phone number in pocket   

Know to call 911

Costumes to avoid   

Saying Thank You

2.   Older Kids suggestions

Cell phone


Find out there route and time home

Only where lights on

Don't walk on yards or in alleys

Make good choices

Walk facing traffic

Check flashlight batteries

Consequences even on Halloween

Check area day and times. 

3. Candy suggestions and spooky snack making   

Sealed only

Lenient one night, then rules.

Don't keep candy in bedroom 

4.   Pumpkin Carving suggestions