Friday is Veterans Day and a simple act of unified thanks and honor is happening in Grand Rapids.

Aquoinette Blair and Graci Harkema joined My West Michigan to tell us all about it a city-wide white out.

Everywhere a veteran looks, they will see someone wearing one of two custom designs created intentionally to honor them, thus creating a City Wide White Out; the #WhiteOut4Vets.

Proceeds from the #WhiteOut4Vets fundraiser will be donated to the Community Rebuilders Kent Zero 2016 program to end veteran homelessness and to the West Michigan Veterans Assistance Program, No Veteran Left Behind, to assist Veterans with their basic daily needs. Both agencies are non-profit.

The #WhiteOut4Vets was created and organized by Blair Unlimited Media Productions as part of its Temple Renovations Initiative.

The mission of Temple Renovations by Blair Unlimited is to make gradual changes for permanent results; which also supports the Media Productions goal to impact and maximize the small business through media.

To salute our veterans back by participating in the #WhiteOut4Vets or for more information, log on to or email