We're taking a look at the changing landscape of entertainment in West Michigan, more specifically what's changing with the Van Andel Arena.

The Director of Marketing, Hilarie Szarowicz shares more about Van Andel Arena's 20 year anniversary events.

Reuben Ramos from the Community Inclusion Group. The CIG's vision is to "be Western Michigan's premier multi-cultural enjoyment and entertainment venues."

The dominant theme that the CIG heard from members of the minority communities when it was formed, specifically the African-American and Hispanic/Latino communities, was "there are not enough events taking place in downtown Grand Rapids for us." With this in mind, the group ramped up their collective efforts to bring events and attractions to their venues that are appealing to communities of color.

With Van Andel Arena gearing up to celebrate its 20th anniversary, SMG is also excited for the release of brand new mobile apps for both the arena and DeVos Performance Hall. The apps will allow fans to stay up-to-date, connect, and interact with both venues while on the go as well as at an event. Both apps are available on iPhone and Android operating systems and can be found in the App Store and Google Play.

The apps will allow fans to receive important and/or exclusive information directly from the venue. Fans can receive push notifications alerting them of special offers for an event, updated traffic information, when doors for a show are opening, etc. The app will allow fans to access information about upcoming events from anywhere at any moment and communicate directly with the venue while they are at a show.