SANDUSKY, Ohio -- The mystery is about to be lifted...

As Cedar Point prepares to announce all the details of Mean Streak’s transformation, a new tease has been unleashed.

It’s the fourth video hint from Cedar point in recent weeks, all of which showcase construction progress of the roller coaster.

“8/16. They stake their claim."

This is likely the final tease as Cedar Point will host a “FrontierTown Hootenanny” at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 16 to reveal everything about the new roller coaster.

All of the teaser videos have been 18 seconds long, which many coaster fans speculate is to connect the ride’s debut to 2018.

Previously, the park taunted thrill seekers with these phrases:

- They’re coming.

- They’re wild and unruly.

- They’re rolling in like thunder.

Although Cedar Point hasn’t released any official information on what’s happening with the ride, it’s no secret that Mean Streak is getting an overhaul by Rocky Mountain Construction -- a company known for its innovate improvements to outdated wooden coasters.

See photos from the construction site:

Portions of the RMC-upgraded Mean Streak feature several upside-down maneuvers.

Park officials won’t confirm any collaboration with the coaster company, but WKYC crews spotted RMC trucks during a tour of the construction site last month.

Some fans speculate the coaster’s name will be Railblazer because Cedar Fair recently trademarked the name.

There have also been a trio of “WANTED” posters that have popped up throughout portions of Cedar Point that are clearly connected to Mean Streak’s overhaul. The images initially featured silhouettes of three characters, but two of those posters have been updated to show a bit more about who these bad people are:

Wyatt “Digger” Dempsey: Wanted for illegal drilling practices, patent infringements and removal of precious minerals. WARNING! His armaments are advanced and fast and he has out-witted many a foe. His arm is a force to be reckoned with. Considered “armed” and dangerous. Approach from the right! Last seen in an over-loaded Conestoga on the outskirts of town.”

Chess “Wild One” Watkins: Wanted for being non-compliant, unwieldy and for stirring up trouble in and around FrontierTown. WARNING! Any pursuit will likely involve high-speed chases, daring maneuvers and unbridled twists and turns! Whip-smart and defiant. Approach with caution! Last seen galloping out of town in a cloud of dust!”

(Photo: Ryan Haidet, WKYC-TV)

One of the three characters remains nothing more than a shadowy outline in his “WANTED” poster.

Could these be the “they” mentioned in all those “they’re coming” video teases? We will know soon enough…

Mean Streak gave its final rides last year on Sept. 16. More than 26 million people climbed aboard the rickety ride since making its debut in May 1991.