October is National Fire Prevention Month but preventing fires is certainly something we should be thinking about all year long. Justine LeBlanc from Home Depot joined the Weekend Morning News with tips to protect our homes against fire safety hazards.

Household fires are all too common, with a fire department responding to one every 24 seconds on average, according to The National Fire Protection Association.

Justine has 3 important suggestions regarding fire safety:

STEP ONE: Test & Upgrade Alarms:

"Take 10 minutes to ensure smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are functioning at least twice a year. If batteries need to be replaced, use the long-lasting Duracell Quantum batteries. These advanced alkaline batteries have an exclusive PowerCheck feature that allows you to verify the power level at any time. Install wall-mounted alarms no more than 12 inches away from the ceiling to provide the earliest warning possible, and always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions," explained Justine.

STEP TWO: Get Educated On Extinguishers

"Fire extinguishers effectively put out 80 percent of all fires according to a study, so make sure you have at least one on every level."

STEP THREE: Prepare An Escape Plan

"According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, it's important to make a plan, so everyone in your house knows the best escape routes. Choose an outside meeting place (i.e. neighbor's house, mailbox, or stop sign) a safe distance in front of your home where everyone will know to meet. After making your home fire escape plan, practice it at least twice a year and make the drill as realistic as possible by aiming to get out in 5 minutes or less."

Home Depot offers free fire safety workshops and many others. Click here to find a store near you.