In today’s world, writing letters is a tradition that has died out. Telling our loved ones how much we love them and care for them is something we don’t often see -- join me to hear the story of Jimmy Broyles.

This letter reads as follows:

"God looked upon a three and a half year old boy named Jimmy and said on this day, I have created an angel just for you."

Her name was Helen -- Jimmy’s life-long mate who made him extremely happy.

"She was an old German girl, a very good cook as you can probably tell when you look at me. Of course, she's been gone for quite a while now."

They were married for 59 years -- and now it's been 11 years that Helen’s been gone.

As for Jimmy, he hasn’t stopped missing her. He says what made his love story one-of-a-kind were his letters of love.

"I would write a little note and put it somewhere in the house, and then I would leave a clue on the table where she could see it and she had to hunt it."

The letters would be hidden all around the house -- but Jimmy’s favorite place to hide them was behind the clock.

"Behind the clock, you know, it had something to do with time."

“To the beautiful, wonderful lady that is holding my heart hostage, don't ever set it free."

“Every day spent with you is more precious than the last.”

“I miss you very much."

“Those were the good old days, loved them."

Jimmy hopes for the new generations to continue this love letter writing tradition.