MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WVEC) -- April the giraffe wasn't the only mom to give birth that went viral. A petition has been created to name April's newborn calf after the son of "Giraffe Mom" Erin Dietrich.

Dietrich became known as the "Giraffe Mom" after a video of her wearing a giraffe mask while pregnant went viral.

Dietrich's video reached more than 32,000,000 views!

She gave birth to her son, Porter, on March 8, 2017.

Over a month later April finally gave birth to a male calf, and the number one question everyone wants answered is "what in the world will his name be? "

While Animal Adventure Park, the zoo where April lives, has created an online poll where visitors can vote on a name for the calf, a new suggestion is making the rounds online.

Why not name the newborn calf after Dietrich's baby boy?

An online petition on has been created to support the idea. More than 200 people have already signed the petition, including Dietrich.

What do you think of the name Porter for April's calf?

You can vote on a name for the calf by visiting Animal Adventure Park's website here, but you will need to pay $1 per vote with a minimum of $5.

To sign the petition, visit the website here.