With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, the holiday buzz is starting! All the food, family and fun can make it tough to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise. That's why personal trainer, Kari Stuart, from Stuart Coaching joined the Weekend Morning team with a fun workout challenge to keep us moving and motivated through Thanksgiving!

"There is a psychological aspect to exercise. Regular exercise has actually been shown to help improve your will power. We could all use the extra help to resist tempting foods," said Kari. "Exercise increases your sensitivity to leptin, which is the hormone that makes you feel full. Finally, exercise produces feel good endorphins, which can be important for a lot of us around the holidays."

"Planks are an amazing core strengthening exercise, if done properly, and they are a great place to start if you are new to exercise," said Kari.

"Just like our big Thanksgiving meal, we have three courses to this workout. The main course is going to be all about planks:"


10-30 minute walk - get outside if you can!!


10 to 30s Bird Dog (balance on left hand, right knee)

10 to 30s Bird Dog (balance on right hand, left knee)

10 to 30s Plank (on elbows and toes/knees)

10 to 30s High Plank (on hands and toes/knees)

Go ahead, grab some seconds and add some "spice"!!


5-10 minutes of stretching

Throughout the month, Kari is going to post some variations on her Instagram and Twitter @StuartCoaching, and we’d also LOVE to see your planks too! Share your videos or pics to our social media using #planksgiving!

Click here for more information about Stuart Coaching and to link to Kari's blog.

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