Spring has arrived, and it's time to get rid of the clutter and clean out that closet.

A few weeks ago, Shelia Wood-Gunneson from "Consider It Done" showed us some tips on how to organize various locations in our homes -- she has joined us again to share some spring cleaning tips.

She first recommends taking everything out of each closet. This is your opportunity to change the light bulb, give it a new coat of paint, and a scrubbing. Then, separate everything into three piles, keep, donate, and trash.

Once you've decided what goes back into the closet, you can figure out where it goes.

Decide on a kind of hanger, and stick to it. There are all sorts of kinds, and it can get disorganized if you have too may different colors or materials hanging.

Utilize vertical space by hanging hangers together. You can hang multiple skirts or tanks together, if the hangers are hung vertically rather than side by side.

There are also organizers that can add another bar to give you extra hanging space. Simply hang it from your current closet bar, and viola, you have two!

Sheila also recommends using clear plastic drawers for your shoes so you can see them, but they aren't all over the floor of the closet.

You can check out Sheila's website by clicking on this link. You an also contact her at shegunneson@att.net or 616-901-5235.

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