ArtPrize may be ending soon, but there's still another 'prize' in the Grand Rapids metro area, and this one will make one person $5,000 richer.

The scavenger hunt began two weeks ago, but none of the 230 people who have officially registered have found the money yet.

That means, the loot still in the wild, and organizers say it's not too late for new participants to get into the game.

"The great thing about Metro Area Treasure Hunts is that even if you sign up now, you're not actually behind in the game," said the event organizer who only wants to be known as Brian.

Brian launched the treasure hunt last month. He created a website - - where people would register. Participants had a choice upon registration - pay $19.99, and have a new clue emailed to you every three days, or pay a larger sum and acquire all 16 clues immediately.

Even though the treasure hunt is two weeks old, and many people are out trying to crack the clues and find the money, Brian says there is even more incentive for newcomers to join the fun.

"Now there's an option on the website where you can get all 16 clues with one purchase," said Brian. "Before, people had to load in their credit card information each time they wanted to buy a new clue.

"Even if you jump into the game late, if you think about the clues correctly, you might have an advantage over those who have had the clues for a couple weeks.

"We want the treasure to be found before the winter arrives, so if it's not found by early December, we'll release extra hints to those who have officially registered."

Brian added that when the $5,000 is found, people shouldn't expect to find a knapsack filled with a bunch of rolled-up twenty dollar bills. Instead, they're looking for a coded certificate.

"The first person to find the certificate will be asked to go to the website and type in thee code, and if it's the correct code, that individual will be awarded the $5,000.

Brian says he wants somebody to win hunt so he can organize another event like this sometime again in the future.