There is deep dish pizza...and there is Chicago-style stuffed, deep dish pizza. Now Holland is home to the real deal thanks to the late summer opening of Giordano's just off of US-31. The restaurant started drawing crowds right away. We had to see what all the buzz was about for this week's Taste of My Town.

Giordano's isn't serving up just any pizza...their pizza pies are just that...pie. "I would describe it as a stuffed, baked pizza with two crusts. And very pie-like. If you have never been to Giordano's or had a Chicago-style deep dish stuffed pizza, you will be pleasantly surprised that a pie can be served as an entree instead of a dessert," said Dean Georgelos.

A household name in Chicago, it's the official pizza of the World Series champs. "Chicago is known for it's deep dish, stuffed pizza and that is what differentiates us we are actually stuffed and not just deep dish," explained Dean.

This Holland location is their first restaurant in how did we get so lucky? "The relationship between Holland and Chicago was very natural for us to put a Giordano's here. That is why we are so excited, it is such a great town and community and we are humbled by the response," said Dean.

Clearly this isn't your ordinary pizza, weighing up to 5 pounds, it takes about 45 minutes to bake. Which means its a good idea to put your order in when you arrive. Diners say it's worth the wait. "Its really cheesy, they put a lot of toppings in it so a couple of pieces and you are always full," said one visitor.

"I've driven to Chicago a couple of times to have Chicago pizza and I have to admit I've never had Giordano's and I have to admit this is really good. I'm very impressed, I normally have sausage when I'm in Chicago and I'm very impressed with what I had here today," said another.

"When we are on vacation and are in Chicago Giordano's has always been a stop for our family so to have one here is exciting. It's always nice to have a place for special family events, getting together with friends."