A dry city until 2007, Hudsonville is now home to not one, but two breweries. White Flame was the first. It's named for the husband and wife team who opened the place in 2012 and have developed a loyal following.

"We opened in January of 2012," explained owner Bill White. "This past spring, in May of 2016, we opened our own deli style kitchen so now we offer sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps. The beer's always been really good and now people are really talking up the food too so it's really exciting."

"The food is great and the beer has ruined me for every other place I go to because I always compare it to here," said one visitor.

"We make all our own beers. We have up to 13 different beers on tap at a time. We specialize in the IPA style beers which are the hoppier beers but we're also pretty well known for our dark beers too. Malty, roasty stuff," explained Bill.

While Hudsonville is relatively new to the brewery scene, Bill says the location is ideal. "We are almost exactly in the middle between Holland and Grand Rapids. We are close to I-196. We catch a lot of traffic traveling not only from the southwest part of our state but from Chicago and coming to Grand Rapids as a beer destination."

Locals are glad to have an option close to home. "For years and years you had to go to Grandville or Grand Rapids to have a beer and here you can go two and a half to three blocks," said another visitor. "I like it here because it's a neighborhood place. It's always friendly. There's always somebody to talk to if you come here to have a beer and it's a nice social environment," said another.

So what about the name? With a name like White Flame you know there has to be a back story. "My last name is the first part of it. My wife Jenn is a redhead and her nickname is 'The Flame' so when we were throwing around names this one kind of stuck and we kind of got a catchy logo and we kind of liked it so that's the story." One they hope is part of the Hudsonville community for year's to come.

White Flame just purchased a canning line and also have a crowler machine in house. White Flame is open seven days a week at noon, click here for the daily hours.