Busy schedules, among other things, can make getting a good night's sleep difficult. What many Americans don't know is that if you can use the five senses, (literally not figuratively), to achieve a better night's rest consistently.

Shane Caldwell is an Art Van Furniture's PureSleep expert. He joined the weekend morning show with some tips.

• Taste: What you eat and drink before bed can impact your sleep, but there are some foods and beverage that can induce sleep.

• Smell: Lavender can help decrease your heart rate and blood pressure to put you in a more relaxed state for bedtime.

• Hearing: Your brain will register and process sound in your sleep causing your to toss and turn. Avoid loud noises and leverage more white noise to drown out unpleasant sounds.

• Sight: Viewing electronics and light can hinder your ability to fall into a deep sleep. Stay off your electronics for at least an hour before bed, and use blinds/curtains to make your room darker at night.

• Touch: Set your temperature at about 65 degrees for optimal nights rest, and also find a mattress and pillows that are comfortable but supportive.