When you head out on a road trip, it's important to make sure your vehicle is in good shape before you hit the road.

Here are some tips to make sure your ride in is tips top shape before you put rubber to the road.

Check your tires

Tire pressure and tire wear are important to keep an eye on. If there is uneven wear on your tires it could cause an issue, and could be an indication of a larger issue with the car. It could also be an indication of the improper tire pressure. Check on the inside of the driver door for a sticker telling you what the correct pressure is for your tires. Each car is different. Use a tire pressure gauge to determine if your tires have the correct pressure.

Check your fluids

Things like coolant, oil, and washer fluid help make your car run and operate smoothly. If the coolant or oil are too low it could cause problems for the car. If the washer fluid is too low, you could have a problem seeing through the windshield.

Keep filters clean

The air filters in your car help keep out bad air, and allow your car to breathe. If they become dirty, it could make you car work harder to achieve the same results. By checking and changing them on a regular basis your car will run more smoothly and efficiently.

Make sure your mechanic is certified

When having repairs or maintenance done on your vehicle, make sure it's being done properly by making sure your mechanic has been certified.

Check belts and hoses

These are what help move the parts in your car. They need to be in good condition in order to keep you on the move.

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