It may be too early to talk about the upcoming Christmas season, but here's a gift for the holidays one of your loved ones will surely treasure...or maybe you'll want it for yourself.

Grand Rapids Glassblowing Studios has glassblowing events in the spring and fall seasons. This fall, the glassblowing ornament workshop returns.

"We design the projects in such a way that you will do the parts that you can do without negatively affecting the finished project," says John Riepma, owner of Grand Rapids Glassblowing Studio.

You'll be able to select your ornament type and colors. Riepma and his wife Linda will handle all the challenging parts of making the ornament, while you'll participate in select tasks.

The class welcomes beginners, and is $38 per person.

For more information about Grand Rapids Glassblowing Studios and to sign up for an event, head to their website here.