If you are looking for a way to beat the heat this weekend we've got a great idea for you. We hit the water for a paddle boarding session in the summertime hotspot of Saugatuck-Douglas for this week's Weekend Adventure.

With a name like Shaka Surf and a mascot like Cabo...you know you are in for a good time when paddle boarding with owner Elizabeth Burns. "Here at Shaka Surf we love it because it gets families and individuals out on this beautiful harbor."

She is convinced Saugatuck-Douglas could be the SUP (stand up paddle board) capitol of the world. "What is so perfect about the conditions here at the Saugatuck Harbor is we have a natural river which is the Kalamazoo River so that gives you the opportunity to go up river, get out in nature, we also have a very active harbor you can go and tour the boats, you can tour the homes, and businesses here."

"If you can stand on dry land you can stand on a paddle board. It is honestly that easy. And with the lessons that we give here, we are World Paddle Association certified so you are going to learn the right way to stand up paddle board and when you learn the right way it's very easy," she explains.

Gliding across the water was an amazing feeling. As Elizabeth says, it's pretty zen. It's also great exercise. "These boards are made for standing on so your legs get a workout, your arms get a workout and your core gets a workout because of the twisting that you are doing as you paddle,"

When Elizabeth discovered the area didn't have a paddle board rental company a few years ago she says it was an "aha" moment. "So a light bulb went off and I was at a point in my life where I was ready for a change. I had been practicing law down in St. Louis, my kid was going off to college and I thought, "I am going to do this."

"Come on out and try it. I guarantee, you try it once you will be back for more," she said.

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