March is all about thinking spring, so let's start fresh with some innovation this month.

In this month's magazine, Liz Hilton, owner of KNITit, talks about her ideas behind the business.

"KNITit is a start-up that I began just a couple years ago and I founded it because I identified a global need for 3D knit technical development for industries," says Hilton. "Big companies and small companies can come to KNITit and get their product realized in a 3D knit process and then we can help them scale it up."

Also featured are new developments in women's fashion and pet technology. Find information about home brewing kombucha and learn more about probiotics.

LaughFest is this month so to celebrate women in comedy, we sat down with Sarah Jean Anderson and Kaira Williams. Anderson and Williams share why they love comedy and how it has become a form of therapy. Both women will participate in LaughFest events. For more LaughFest information, head to our features tab.

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