"What the gospel today told us to do was to not be afraid, to go forward," Cathedral of St. Andrew Father Geaney said.

And this is exactly what Father Geaney spoke about during mass Sunday, Nov. 13, not even a week after a contentious presidential election.

"People are having concerns, the demonstrations we see in the streets all over the country, I've been voting for 60 years and I don't remember this kind of thing taking place before," Geaney said.

He's been telling his worshippers to stand together, in unity.

"Jesus calls all of us to come together and to be one, not to be fighting each other," Geaney said.

Less than a mile away at Fountain Street Church, Reverand Elizabeth Barnum is getting questions about how to move forward.

Including, "how to talk to their children about their concerns worries about how the LGBTQ community, immigrants, access to reproductive healthcare," Barnum said.

Which is why she said Fountain Street Church has become safe space for everyone, especially in today's current climate.

"To really take time to pause, to listen to one another to dialog to one another, to seek understanding," Barnum said. "Just living in a nation right now that feel so polarized and knowing that people have very different opinions, it's a tense time."

Miles away from downtown Grand Rapids, in Ionia, a community prayer group is taking place.

"The utter chaos on the news, all the looting and rioting and all the just ungodliness that just lead us to get as many people as we can to pray," organizer Thomas Cole said.

Thomas and Sara Cole organized the group at the Ionia County Courthouse.

"People showed up because they are praying, they're just believing for God to move into our country and it's got to be love and not hate," Sara Cole said.

They believe that prayer is the way to achieve peace, regardless of who is in the White House.

"Pray for the people that are in office and that's what we keep doing, and we've seen God move into the hearts of people throughout time and we ask the same thing for Donald Trump," Thomas Cole said.