"I feel God planted me into this job," said Kim Przybylski.

Kim spent the majority of her career as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse. Having four children born prematurely, her and husband Tony were no stranger to aiding children.

"It's hard, it's 24-7," said Tony.

The Przybylski's were interested in adopting. After consulting with Samaritas, they learned the real need is foster care.

They were convinced after learning through foster care, if the children can't be placed back with the biological parents or another family member, an official adoption is only a few more signatures. Their mind was made, they'd foster.

In that decision, they also had a specific interest. They wanted to foster children that others would have a hard time caring for.

"We knew what we wanted," said Tony. "We wanted the medical fragile."

In addition to their four biological kids, they've added six either foster or adopted children along the way. A total of 10 kids.

Jesse is 19 years old and loves Dr. Who. He was the Przybylski's first adopted son and has been with them since he was an infant.

"We believe that God is saying we are not done and he is not done with us," said Kim.

The Przybylski's day is completely filled from the time they wake up to the time they fall asleep. Every day includes some form of doctors appointments, therapy sessions and court.

They wouldn't have it any other way.

"It doesn't matter if we have two kids or 30 kids, we're still going to make it a normal family experience for them," said Kim.

Prepping and planning also go hand in hand when fostering and adopting children with major medical problems.

"Each child has their clipboard of their daily schedule to check off," said Kim.

Their day normally starts before 7 a.m. and ends around 11 p.m., but the couple is always on call.

"Then there's all the alarms at night," said Tony.

Kim and Tony say their kids are full of potential. They just need love and nurturing to bring that potential to fruition.

"We have amazing kids, and resilient kids who've been through so much," said Kim. "They're just all so special."

With their unique training and passion to help, the couple is always asked if they have room in their home for more. Unfortunately, they don't right now, but they're trying to change that.

"We believe that God is saying that he is not done with us," said Kim. "We want to add on two bedrooms to our house. The problem is the funding isn't always there."

"We've opened a youcaring page, and like to ask the community if they have the heart to help these kids with us," said Kim. "We'd like to know if they'd like to partner with us so we're able to take in more kids."

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