Zadalynn is an outgoing girl who interacts with her peers and adults well. She likes to be social, hang out with friends and have sleepovers.

Zadalynn has a fun personality and an even better sense of humor. She likes to eat tacos, pizza and pizza rolls. Her favorite colors are hot pink and yellow, yet she really likes any type of neon color.

This 16 year old's favorite subject is art and her favorite things to do on the weekend is going shopping, having friends over and going out to the movies. She also enjoys basketball, football and dance.

When Zadalynn grows up she would like to be a judge. When she’s asked about the qualities she wants in a future forever family, Zadalynn says she wants one who’s active and likes to go on outings such as sporting events and to the mall or movies.

Most of all, she wants a family who takes time to listen to her and who lets her be herself.

Zadalynn enjoys being a part of a family and has done well to adjust to a new environment that provides limits, appropriate discipline and structure. She has experienced a difficult past and benefits from emotional support and assistance to help her manage the changes that she has experienced in her life as well as adapt to new challenges that may arise.

Zadalynn does need guidance with social relationships and use of social media. Zadalynn has the ability to do well in school and would benefit from additional support to help her reach her fullest potential.

Zadalynn would benefit from having two parents in her new forever family.

Her adoptive family should be understanding that she has overcome a difficult past and be willing to work with her to address her emotions through positive outlets. The family must be able to provide her with a loving, accepting, nurturing, consistent and structured home. She does best when expectations are clear and when she knows the rules and consequences.

Her family must be active advocates to ensure all of Zadalynn’s needs are being met and she is given all the tools necessary to succeed at home and in school. Zadalynn’s adoptive parents should be willing to let her participate in extra-curricular, social and school activities.

Since Zadalynn has strong ties to her siblings, the family must be willing to let her maintain those relationships.

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