It's National Pizza Month -- and we may not be Chicago, but there are still some great pizza places here in West Michigan.

WZZM 13's Lauren Stanton celebrated the occasion by heading out and getting some pizza of her own.

While speaking with owners Gianni and Lisa Licari of Licari's Sicilian Pizza Kitchen, John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman of MLive showed up with a surprise announcement.

Licari's Sicilian Pizza Kitchen has been crowned "Michigan's Best Pizza."

Cameras were rolling -- on live television -- to catch the excitement. Watch the reveal in the video above.

Gonzalez said he and Sherman traveled 2,300 miles, visited 58 pizzerias and tried 200 samples across the state before choosing a winner.

Michigan's Best is a series of contests conducted by MLive. So far, they've covered Best New Brewery, Dessert, Blody Mary and Fried Chicken. Go to for complete coverage.

Licari's is located at 2869 Knapp St NE in Grand Rapids. For more information about the restaurant, visit